• Vincristine Sulfate  硫酸长春新碱

    Molecular Formula: C46H58N4O14S

    Molecular Weight:  923.0361

    CAS NO.: 2068-78-2

    Ø Quality Standard: USP, CP, IP, Client standard

    Ø Certificate: Chinese GMP, Mexico Cofepris GMP,  India DCGI Form 41,  FSC

    Ø  Package: 50g/bottle.  

    Ø  Storage: protect from light, tightly sealed, stored in freezer(-25~-10

    Ø  Capacity: 30kg/year


    l  strictly controlled and abundant upstream raw material ensure stable and sufficient supply

    l  state-owned company with lower quality risk, independent  QA&QC, skilled analyst, integrated quality management system, comprehensive document system

    l  the largest vinca alkaloids oncology API producer in China over 20 years

    l  dedicated workshop avoid cross-contamination

    l  less and low residual solvent

    l  professional cold chain logistics and transportation operation

    l  customer-oriented, customized high quality standard product

    Pharmacological Function:

    Vincristine Sulfate and Vinblastine Sulfate are salt of alkaloid which extractedfrom Vinca rosea Linn (acommon flowering herb known as the periwinkle, more properly known as Catharanthusroseus G. Don) andare generated in the vinca plant by the joining of two alkaloids catharanthineand vindoline.

    The anti-cancer target is canaliculus, mainly suppressing the polymerization of tubulin to suppress the spindle formation and stop the Mitosis at metaphase. It can interfere with protein metabolism and suppress activeness of RNA. It can suppress the synthesis of cell membrane lipid and transferring of amino acid on cell membrane.  

    Vincristine sulfate and vinblastine sulfate are anti-microtubule drugused to treat certain kinds of cancer, including Hodgkin’s lymphoma, non-smallcell lung cancer, breast cancer, head and neck cancer, testicular cancer,langerhan cell histiocytosis. etc.

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