• Vincristine Sulfate

    Molecular Formula: C46H58N4O14S

    MolecularWeight: 923.0361

    CAS NO.:2068-78-2

    Grade Standard: Pharma grade / Injectablegrade

    Purity: high purity

    Certification: cGMP/ Mexico Cofepris/FSC / India DCGI

    Quality Specification: USP35/ CP2015/IP2018

    (from inner to outside,brown light-proof glass, white plastic bottle, black water-proof paper)

    Storage:  protect from light, tightly sealed, freezer storage(between-25~-15)


    Vincristineis an extract from catharanthus. The anti-cancer target is canaliculus, mainlysuppressing the polymerization of tubulin to suppress the spindle formation andstop the Mitosis at metaphase. It can interfere with protein metabolism andsuppress activeness of RNA. It can suppress the synthesis of cell membranelipid and transferring of amino acid on cell membrane. Vincristine has strongereffect to suppress the transplantation of cancer than catharanthine.

    Our advantage

    ·        Stable and sufficient supply with capacity 30kg/year

    ·        The largest vinca alkaloids oncology API producer in china in producing Vincristine sulfate over 20 years

    ·        State-owned company with lower quality risk

    ·        Independent QA/QC, skilled analyst, higher Quality Management audited and approved by Sanofi, Astrazenece, Abbott, etc.

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