• Vinorelbine Tartrate 酒石酸长春瑞滨

    CAS NO.: 125317-39-7

    Molecular Formula: C45H54N4O8·2C4H6O6

    Molecular Weight: 1079.12

    Ø Quality Standard: EP, USP, CP, IP, Client standard

    Ø Certificate: EDQM CEP, Chinese GMP, Mexico Cofepris GMP, India DCGI Form 41, FSC

    Ø  Package: 25g/tin. (From inner to outside: aluminum bag, aluminum tin)

    Ø  Storage: protect from light , tightly sealed, stored in freezer (-25~-10

    Ø  Capacity: 30kg/year

    Certificate of suitability No. R0-CEP 2016-009-Rev01


    l  strictly controlled and abundant upstream rawmaterial ensure stable and sufficient supply

    l  state-owned company with lower quality risk, independent QA&QC, skilled analyst, integrated quality management system, comprehensive document system

    l  the largest vinca alkaloids oncology API producer in China over 20 years

    l  dedicated workshop avoid cross-contamination

    l  less and low residual solvent

    l  professional cold chain logistics and transportation operation

    l  customer-oriented, customized high quality standard product

    Application: for injection, for capsule

    Pharmacological Function

    Vinorelbine is in a class of drugs known as vinca alkaloids; it slows or stops the growth of cancer cells in your body. The length of treatment depends on the types of drugs you are taking, stuff how well yourbody responds to them, and the type of cancer you have. It is used to treat lung cancer and breast cancers. Vinorelbine also is used to treat other cancerssuch as breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and Hodgkin’s disease

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