• [Specification] Contract Standard

    [Description] Yellowish crystalline powder, bitter flavour,hydroscopic.

    [Action andindications] This drug is a mixture of multi-dihydroflavonemethyl hesperidine, which are water-dissolved. Have and the same pharmacologyfunction of the hesperidine, can strengthen the capillary vessel resistibility,it can make the capillary vessels infiltrate normally and prevent the vasfoul-up, which arousedfrom the arteriosclerosis; With vitamin C match's usingcurative effect is better; Can used for nose bleed and see retina issue ofblood, gum to bleed.Stomach and intestines way bleed, the hemorrhoid bleedsetc., and the surgical operation is ex- or after operation of bleed preventionand cure.

    [Usage] The products are bulk drugs, and preparation used only.

    [Storage] Preserve in well closed containers at room temperature, moistureproof


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