Category Product Name Standard CAS No. Remarks
Medicinal oils Soybean Oil for Injection CP/USP/EP 8001-22-7 CTD-DMF preparing
Medicinal oils Medium-chain Triglycerides CP/USP/EP 73398-61-5 CTD-DMF preparing
Medicinal Phospholipids Egg phospholipids CP/USP/EP 93685-90-6 US-DMF: 35483
Oncology APIs Vinblastine Sulfate CP/USP/EP/IP 143-67-9 CTD-DMF
Oncology APIs Vincristine Sulfate CP/USP/EP/IP 2068-78-2 CTD-DMF

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Guangzhou Hanfang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Guangzhou Hanfang)
Guangzhou Hanfang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Guangzhou Hanfang) is located in Guangzhou city, is a subsidiary of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Holding Limited which is one of the largest pharmaceutical group companies in China.
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    Drug production approval

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    in-service employees

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